Monday, October 31, 2011

2011 Calendar of Naruto

you can Spend the year 2011 in a good company, you can find all your favorite characters from the series Naruto on the walls of your rooms! Discover every month 12 color illustrations, a more magnificent than the other (ie January to December 2011). This schedule is published Naruto 2011 in limited quantities!

someone  have a idea  if we can find 2012 calendar of naruto?!!!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Manga: some information about it

The designer or the author the manga is  called manga mangaka. It is subject to very rapidpace of publication, and does not always complete freedom over his work, according to the reception from the public. If the manga has a high success, the author will extend his story, even if he wanted to finish it. Conversely, some little-known works will not have their continuation and conclusion published.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

manga say Good morning

 Manga, hello how are you?
hope you are fine
Im so happy today did you know why?
because the life it's beautiful
so keep the life in pink and you watch it beuatiful 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

manga happy, japaneese manga happy 2012

Manga:  hey all it's Me my name is Rajae and am so happy today you know why?

 because i receive a big present from my boyfriend 

 did you guess? yeah it's a cat, isn't beautiful?

 so let's think what i should give him like a present too

 a book? or a parfum?

 it's our first eyar of mariage 

 and the first new year we celibrate together 

So let's go to party then and after think what i should give him like a present 

Manga in love, manga life until dead

Manga it's my manga life in 2012

 sometimes we need someone to kiss him

 or to kiss her

 because we need just feeling good 

 and not being shy when we feel his arms

 and dancing together

 and sometimes we need someone to being safe with him

 or someone to protect her

 because she is a girl and she need that

 and i am a man need love

 to feel how much she love me and jaleous to see me with others 

 because she love me 

 and feel good with me

 that's why she don't wanna share other ones me

because she is ready to give me the happiness and am ready to give her the protect she need 

it's my Manga life 

Manga presentation, manga happy and manga sad

Manga: is the japaneese word for comics and print cartoons

people in all ages in Japan read Manga and watch this


I hope you enjoy in my Manga blogger because i love it like

 you do

have a nice visit 

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